Infrastructure Management


Data Center Environment Monitoring System Management Software As Data Centers become more increasingly complex entities, the need for comprehensive management tools becom...
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Environment Monitoring System


The Environment Monitoring System (EMS) monitors and manages server room environment and security conditions over IP. It provides early warnings before critical events, a...
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DTC, together with its partner “Saifor”, provide custom made consoles for control rooms and network operation centers (NOC’s). We work closely with our customers to...
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Server Racks and Accessories


We provide our customers with a variety of server racks from basic, cost efficient enclosures to sophisticated, smart enclosures with integrated cable management, power d...
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Uninterrupted Power Supply


DTC provides a wide range of UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) systems. Matching different needs of servers, network and data centers, the systems are complemented by a ra...
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Power Management System


Rack Power Distribution Units (PDU´s) are necessary for every installation. Intelligent PDU´s enable controlling and monitoring the equipment´s power supply and divers...
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Hot & Cold Containment


Overheating of data center equipment can result in reduced server performance or equipment damage due to hot exhaust finding its way into the air inlet. Airflow managemen...
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Cooling Solution


Setting up the correct cooling solution for IT environments is an art. We, at DTC, offer our customers a wide range of cooling systems as well as airflow management and t...
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