Professional Services



DTC offers its clients and customers different types of services designed to deliver resources and tools for the design, planning, integration, maintenance, support and optimization of their technology facilities. Our experienced professionals can deliver turnkey project management, be called in at a specific stage of the project, or contacted for consultancy and advisory roles on particular part of the project.


Planning and Analysis Services

Our experts work with our customers in a consultative capacity to define the requirements that meet their business objectives. Design and planning teams utilize proven planning tools and methodologies to design the facility that provides you long lasting business value. We provide thermal analysis, where inefficient cooling methods are identified within data centers. This enables reorganization of facilities for energy saving and hot spot prevention.


Installation Services

DTC is capable of providing experienced field engineers and certified installers to have your infrastructure integrated with professionalism that guarantees quality performance and extended life for your physical infrastructure.



We perform both preventive and corrective maintenance in order to ensure that the business value generated is sustained. Your best defense against down time is regular and professional maintenance ensuring your systems run at maximum efficiency. Our trained staff will ensure your systems and components receive the care they need before they cause any costly failure.


Facility monitoring Services

DTC provides sophisticated and state-of-the-art management systems to monitor and control every system in your technological facility and react to any failure before it becomes visible to users. We provide 24×7 monitoring service can serve as a primary or secondary support function. Skilled and trained technicians monitor the health status of the physical infrastructure to assist, diagnose, notify and provide resolutions to problems before they become critical matters.


Support Services Packaging

We provide our customers tailor made tier “one” and tier “two” support packages.


Use our expertise to optimize the performance of your Data Center
and lower its operational costs.

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